stack of money with market investments bar graphs in the background

The No Loss Market Investment

“Is there such a thing as an investment that doesn’t come with concern about Market Loss? I want my money to get a better interest rate than it gets in the Bank, but I don’t want to be in the market.” There is and the answer is a Fixed Indexed Annuity. I know Annuity is a scary word and blackballed by many, but it can offer you a variety of solutions to this quest on investment. With this Annuity, your money is not directly invested in the Market but receives an interest rate based upon the performance of the S&P 500. This Annuity is simply a reflection of the market performance.

The best news is if the Market does turn for the worse you simply receive 0% for that year or month depending on your strategy. You don’t have to worry about losing principal or any of your investment! Let me repeat that. You have 100% certainty that your account will never be worth less than the day you made your initial deposit. While your annual return may not be as high as it could be in a brokerage account or Variable Annuity, this product always gives you peace of mind.

There’s more! We haven’t even touched on the fact that you won’t have any Advisory Fees with this type of Annuity. What’s peace of mind worth to you? Does knowing that your account is safe against the what-ifs of life? If the answer is YES, then request a Fixed Indexed Annuity from your Advisor at Keystone Advisory Solutions today!

Charles Kelly Jr., CLF

Founder and CEO